Solar Energy

Maximise your savings from the sun

First, You Need A Solar System

Solar system works by harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity. At the same time, these generated electricity reduces energy consumption, thus saving on ever-increasing utility bills. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is profoundly the easiest and most cost effective way to reduce and hedge over your electricity bill. Here’s what you will need to maximise your savings

1. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System / Solar Hot Water System
2. Inverter
3. Sunlight

How It Works?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

Sunlight (Photons)+Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Cells)+Inverter=Solar Electricity (Savings)
Solar Panels are mounted on your roof to convert sunlight into clean, renewable electricity through a Photovoltaic (PV) Effect.

How Will You Earn From Solar Energy?

Generate Passive Income
- Maximise your savings
- Smart investment

We understand the feeling that comes when you receive your monthly electricity bill. Having the right solar electricity system maximises your savings. Start your smart investment at your roof with the right solar electricity system with us because eventually, the solar system will “pay off” in over the years. The high utility bills becomes a thing of the past with solar PV system.

Worry-Free Electricity
Once installed, solar PV system requires little to no mantainence as the system has no moving parts. Monitoring systems are built in to track the production, savings and environmental benefits of your solar energy system. The system works through an online interface that allows you to check and keep track at all times. In other words, sit back, relax and enjoy savings returned from your solar PV system.

Benefit with Net Energy Metering (NEM)
The Malaysian government implemented the NEM scheme from the beginning of 2016 until 2020, applicable to all domestic, commercial and industrial sectors as long as you are a customer of TNB (Peninsular Malaysia) or SESB (Sabah and FT Labuan). The concept of NEM is that the energy produced from the solar PV system installed will be first consumed and any excess will be exported and sold to the Distribution Licensee (TNB / SESB) at the prevailing Displaced Cost prescribed by the Energy Commission. Therefore, you can enjoy reduction in your electricity bill, hedge against any future fluctuation or increase in electricity tariff and do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Value Enhancement to your Home
The value of your property increases when equipped with solar PV system. Multiple studies have shown that homes with solar PV systems are valued higher. Solar system complements your home and business, saving you on energy cost because it starts paying you back from day one. Our solar panels has a long lifespan with 25 years of performance guarantee, assuring you with freedom from financial worries. This adds on to your savings over time.

Eco-Friendly Living
Solar energy is a green technology that reduces carbon footprint and that helps to combat global warming. One thing you can feel certain about solar energy is that the clean, waste-free electricity decreases greenhouse gasses emission.

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